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Frost Hollow Puzzles feature all removable letters!

Frost Hollow Puzzles are made with great care. All materials are non-toxic and surfaces are finished to exacting specifications for durability and a smooth finish.

Frost Hollow Puzzles are educational, allowing children to learn their names and identify basic colors. The puzzles not only provide endless hours of entertainment, but also help children to hone their fine motor skills.

Each puzzle takes some twenty separate operations to complete. They are 3/4" thick and made from maple surface, multi-laminate plywood of the highest quality. All corners and edges are rounded and smooth.

DIMENSIONS: 13" to 28" wide  3/4"thick
             1 line name is 4 1/2" high 
             2 line name is 9" high
             3 line name is 12" high

Click the two images above to view an enlarged copy of either.

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