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Frost Hollow Puzzles feature all removable letters!

Click the image above to view an enlarged copy.

Frost Hollow Puzzles are made from the finest materials available. We use maple surfaced plywood to provide an exceptionally smooth finish and to ensure stability. The puzzle frames are finished with non-toxic oils and paints. So, while we don't recommend eating our puzzles, the occasional teether is safe. The only small pieces, the centers of the Os and Qs are glued down and screwed in place from the back to prevent removal. All other pieces conform to State of Connecticut standards for toys.

Each puzzle requires some twenty individual operations and takes close to two hours to finish. Benches take even longer, that's why our products cost more than others on the market. But we want these products to last and to provide endless hours of enjoyment. From the reaction of those who have bought either a Frost Hollow puzzle or name bench, we're succeeding.

And should the family dog get hold of a letter (dogs and kids quite often go together) we can cut and fit a new piece.

Rest assured. When you buy a Frost Hollow puzzle, you're getting the very best.

Looking for some good books? Be sure to check out our other business, Frost Hollow Publications. Books full of adventure, mystery, history and sports with a special appeal for boys and young teens- and even adults!

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All rights reserved in all media. 411 Barlow Cemetery Road, Woodstock, CT 06281
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